Frequently asked questions:

How much is shipping?

Here at MichAgain Signery, we ship all of our products through USPS Priority Mail “flat rate” delivery service. The rate is $15 per sign.

Where do you sell?

We currently sell at several art fairs and farmer’s markets in the Leelanau area. You can find our schedule here.

Can i request a custom sign?

All of our designs and the physical stencils themselves are unique and created by hand. Therefore, we are unable to make custom signs since this would entail the creation of new stencils and specific designs, which would not be time effective.

Where does your wood come from?

The storm of 2015 that rolled through Glen Arbor, MI was our inspiration and original source of wood as farm structures, docks, and fences in the Glen Arbor and surrounding area were left on the curb to be discarded. We collected much of this wood as our beginning source, but have since run out. During our first summer of selling, we met several farmers and local residents who had wood remnants on their properties in the local area. They have continued to be the primary sources of our wood supply, ranging from Glen Arbor to Empire to Traverse City, as well as others that we have met along the way.

do you make your own designs?

Yes! All of our designs are brainstormed and then crafted based on our favorite Northern Michigan landmarks. As we visit new places and hear customer feedback, we continue to add more designs to the mix. As of right now, we have 20 designs, but are always looking for suggestions. Feel free to leave us a message through our contact page for any new design suggestions!