It all started…

on August 2, 2015, the day of "the storm".

Our whole family was here in Glen Arbor through the entire ordeal... The storm, the fear, and then the carnage that followed. While we counted our blessings that we weren't hurt, and that our house sustained little damage, all of the fallen trees and many of our favorite trails, roads, and views were devastated. Once the dust settled and "the new normal" began to reveal itself, we kept seeing the result of this damage end up out by street, ready for pick-up... old fences, broken docks, and scraps of wood to be discarded.

And that's when the idea came to us... to not let those old things go to waste, but to make things from them. Things that epitomize and symbolize the Northern Michigan places that we love. Things that somehow balance old and new at the same time. And things that, with a little handmade care, become something Michigan again. In other words... MichAgain Signery.


doing our part to preserve and protect.

Our love for Northern Michigan doesn't end with visitation, it is present through our dedication to volunteering for the Sleeping Bear Dunes Heritage Trail, where I am an ambassador. While the storm destroyed the beautiful canopy of trees lining the trail, this role allows me to help propel the healing process both physically and in our love for the national lakeshore. Each year, MichAgain Signery donates proceeds to the Sleeping Bear Dunes Heritage Trail, as well as to Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear, which aids in the restoration process of historic property in the Port Oneida Farm District.